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Marks, A.-A. and Malenfant, R.M. Assessing generation lengths of male and female polar bears (Ursus maritimus) in the Gulf of Boothia, Davis Strait, Southern Beaufort Sea, and Barents Sea subpopulations.

In Review

Miller, J.M., Malenfant, R.M., Aars, J., Atwood, T.C., Belikov, S., Branigan, M., Dyck, M., Laidre, K.L., Lunn, N.J., McCarthy, S., Obbard, M., Regehr, E., Richardson, E.S., Davis, C.S. Development of an 8K SNP chip to assess adaptive diversity and hybridization in polar bears.

In Revision

Malenfant, R.M., Cullingham, C.I., Coltman, D.W., Richardson, E.S., Dyck, M.G., Lunn, N.J., Obbard, M.E., Pongracz, J., Atkinson, S.N., Sahanatien, V., Laidre, K.L., Born, E.W., Wiig, Ø., and Davis, C.S. Population genomics reveals historical divergence and local adaptation in polar bears. [Preprint]

Morrissey, M.B., Malenfant, R.M., Pelletier, F., Coltman, D.W., and Festa-Bianchet, M. The potential for rapid evolution in response to exploitation-induced selection.


Coulson, T.J.D., Malenfant, R.M., and Patten, C.L. 2020. Characterization of the TyrR regulon in the rhizobacterium Enterobacter cloacae UW5 reveals overlap with the CpxR envelope stress response. Journal of Bacteriology 203(1): e00313-20. [Article]

Richardson, E.S., Davis, C.S., Stirling, I., Derocher, A.E., Lunn, N.J., and Malenfant, R.M. 2020. Variance in lifetime reproductive success of male polar bears. Behavioral Ecology 31(5): 1224–1232. [Article]

Frenette A.P., Harrold, T., Bentzen, P., Paterson, I., Malenfant, R.M., Nardi, G., Burt, M.D.B., and Duffy, M.S. 2020. Loma morhua infections in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) reveal relative parasite resistance and differential effects on host growth among family lines. Aquaculture 522: 735111. [Article]

Cullingham, C.I., Miller, J.M., Peery, R.M., Dupuis, J.R., Malenfant, R.M., Gorrell, J.C., and Janes, J.K. 2020. Confidently identifying the correct K value using the ΔK method: when does K = 2? Molecular Ecology 29(5): 862–869. [Article]

Malenfant, R.M., Davis, C.S., Richardson, E.S., Lunn, N.J., and Coltman, D.W. 2018. Heritability of body size in the polar bears of Western Hudson Bay. Molecular Ecology Resources 18(4): 854–866. [Article]

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Viengkone, M., Derocher, A.E., Richardson, E., Malenfant, R.M., Miller, J.M., Obbard, M.E., Dyck, M.G., Sahanatien, V., Lunn, N.J., and Davis, C.S. 2016. Assessing polar bear (Ursus maritimus) population structure in the Hudson Bay region using SNPs. Ecology and Evolution 6(23): 8474–8484. [Article]

Malenfant, R.M., Coltman, D.W., Richardson, E.S., Lunn, N.J., Stirling, I., Adamowicz, E., and Davis, C.S. 2016. Evidence of adoption, monozygotic twinning, and low inbreeding rates in a large genetic pedigree of polar bears. Polar Biology 39(8): 1455–1465. [Article] [Preprint]

Malenfant, R.M., Davis, C.S., Cullingham, C.I., and Coltman, D.W. 2016. Circumpolar genetic structure and recent gene flow of polar bears: a reanalysis. PLOS ONE 11(3): e0148967. [Article]

Miller, J.M., Poissant, J., Malenfant, R.M., Hogg, J.T., and Coltman, D.W. 2015. Temporal dynamics of linkage disequilibrium in two populations of bighorn sheep. Ecology and Evolution 5(16): 3401–3412. [Article]

Malenfant, R.M., Coltman, D.W., and Davis, C.S. 2015. Design of a 9K Illumina BeadChip for polar bears (Ursus maritimus) from transcriptomic and RAD sequencing. Molecular Ecology Resources 15(3): 587–600. [Article]

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Malenfant, R.M., Coltman, D.W., Richardson, E.S., Lunn, N.J., and Davis, C.S. 2014. Polar bear (Ursus maritimus) transcriptome development and SNP discovery. 10 p. In: Genomic Resources Development Consortium, Coltman, D.W., Davis, C.S., Lunn, N.J., Malenfant, R.M., and Richardson, E.S. 2014. Genomic Resources Notes accepted 1 August 2013–30 September 2013. Molecular Ecology Resources 14(1): 219. [Article]

Malenfant, R.M., Davis, C.S., Moore, S.S., and Coltman, D.W. 2014. White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) transcriptome assembly and SNP discovery. 9 p. In: Genomic Resources Development Consortium, Bensch, S., Coltman, D.W., Davis, C.S., Hellgren, O., Johansson, T., Malenfant, R.M., Moore, S.S., Palinauskas, V., and Valkiūnas, G. 2014. Genomic Resources Notes accepted 1 June 2013–31 July 2013. Molecular Ecology Resources 14(1): 218. [Article]

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Miller, J.M., Malenfant, R.M., Moore, S.S., and Coltman, D.W. 2012. Short reads, circular genome: skimming SOLiD sequence to construct the bighorn sheep mitochondrial genome. Journal of Heredity 103(1): 140–146. [Article]

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